Grace Church is part of the Episcopal Church, which is part of the larger Anglican family of churches that can be found around the world. Depending on which religion scholar you quote Anglican Christianity is the second or third largest expression of Christianity in the world.

Frequently Asked Questions about Anglicanism

What does the word Anglican mean?

It means "of England" as Anglican Christianity originated in England then spread across the world. 

What is Anglican Christianity?

Anglican Christianity is that branch of the Christian faith founded in England during the sixth century by Saint Augustine of Canterbury. Anglicanism has roots going back much earlier than this time, ultimately back to Jesus and the first Christians. Henry VIII did not "found" the Anglican Church, though his actions did change the face of the Christian Church in England, which is the mother church of Anglican Christianity. The Anglican Church has been present in the United States since the the early 17th century (1600s) with the Church's name in this country changing to "Episcopal" after the American Revolution.   

What is unique about Anglican Christianity?

Anglican Christianity seeks to be a bridge church between Roman Catholic and Protestant Christianity. Our ideal is to take the best from both of these traditions in order to follow Jesus as faithfully as possible.

What are the core beliefs of Anglican Christians?

Anglican Christianity intentionally embraces a diversity of beliefs so that Christians with different convictions can worship in the same Church.  The core beliefs of all Anglicans are found in the Book of Common Prayer, especially in the  Apostles' and Nicene Creeds. The creeds are summaries of the teaching of the Bible, which Anglicans recongize as the Word of God and "containing all things neccesary for salvation." For more about what we believe as as a congregation click here.

The Episcopal Shield

Umm...I'm not sure I want to become Episcopalian?

That's ok.  A number of folks choose to be part of our congregation, while not officially become Anglican. We believe that having a denomination or tradition is important, but believe a commitment to being Christian, first and foremost, is even more important . You'll find people from a variety of denominational backgrounds at Grace. Some have become Episcopalian, many are still officially Lutheran, Baptist, Catholic, or whatever.   

 That's ok with us, just come and be yourself.


Can you tell me the names of some Anglicans I might have heard of before?

Sure. C.S. Lewis the beloved twenth century writer was an Anglican. Archbishop Desmond Tutu who fought Apartheid was formerly the Anglican Archbishop of South Africa, and in retirement continues to minister as an Anglican bishop around the world.


What is the difference between Episcopal and Anglican?

Historically, none. The Anglican Communion of churches contains thirty nine national or regional churches, of which the Episcopal Church is one. Whether members of the Episcopal Church of Sudan, the Church of England, or the Anglican Church of South Africa, all of these people are Anglicans - that is they part of churches in the Anglican tradition of Christianity.