Connecting Points for Families


Sunday School

        Sunday school is offered throughout the school year concurrently with the 10:30am service. Children are dropped off prior to the beginning of worship and re-join their families in the middle of the service. This allows children to grow comfortable with being in church, while also providing parents a period of time when they can worship without distraction.  

 Kids Group

        Kids Group is offered concurrently to the 5pm Sunday Night Praise service. Children participate in games, faith based activities, and lessons about the Bible and prayer.

Gardening with Grace

      Taught by Intern Master Gardener Pam Pranke, Gardening with Grace, is a program that teaches grade-school children to respect the connection between our food and the land. The program involves the children in each step of the process from garden planning, preparing the land, seed selection, plant care, harvesting, and distribution of the harvest. Children learn how to prepare their vegatable with simple, great-tasting recipes. Bible lessons are a part of each weekly meeting.  Click on the icon below to learn more about it.  


        Nursery care is offered for children five years of age and younger from 9:30am-11:30am every Sunday morning. Children of all ages are welcome at both of our Sunday services.

Acolyte Program

        An acolyte program is open to girls and boys, generally of eight years of age or older, who help assist with Sunday services. This program helps develop reverence, respect, and a greater appreciation of the Church in the lives of young people. 

Family Gatherings

        Grace sponsors a number of family gatherings and events throughout the year. These events are "old fashion" in the sense that they feel like extended family gatherings, with the adults visiting with each other while the children are running around playing together much to everyone's delight. 

Sacramental Preparation

        Grace helps prepare children and their families to celebrate the important milestones in the spiritual life, especially baptism and confirmation.

Faith- Based Parenting Resources

        Through the parish library, in the monthly newsletter, and in other venues (sermons, seminars, etc.) resources are given to parents to help them in their responsibility of passing on the Christian faith to their children. We realize most parents feel inadequate in this area and so our approach is to provide practical resources to parents on spiritual and moral education, as well as to provide instruction to their children.