What should I wear?

You'll find the majority of people at Grace Church dress in what is commonly called business casual. On a Sunday morning you're more likely to see people wearing everything from jeans to a tie and everything in between. On Sunday night you're likely to see a lot more jeans, t-shirts, and casual dress. Just be yourself.

Where can I park? 

There are parking spaces along the street outside of the east and south sides of the church. Also, you can park across the street in the Jamestown Business Center parking lot. 

Can I get a ride to church? 

Yes. Call Dial-A-Ride at 252-7888 which is a bus service available for people of any age in Jamestown. The bus runs on the following hours:

Sunday through Thursday: 8am-5:30pm (last call 5pm) 
Friday through Saturday: 8am-9:30pm (last call 9pm)

If this option doesn’t work for you just contact the church office and we'll make sure you get here.    

As a first time guest will I be singled out? 

No! You won’t be made to stand up, publicly introduce yourself, or wear a giant first time guest badge. We have reputation as a friendly group, so expect to be welcomed, but not overwhelmed. 

I'm not an Episcopalian, can I receive Holy Communion?

Yes! All baptized Christians, from any denomination, are welcome to receive Holy Communion in the Episcopal Church. 

I've got doubts about God and Christianity, can I still come? 

Absolutely! That's why we exist to help people explore their faith, ask questions, and wrestle with doubts. In fact, you'll find you won't be alone in your questions, as many of us have been wrestling with them for years.

What about my kids?

At Grace Church we view children as a gift from God and believe that it is vitally important that they be included in congregational life as fully as possible. We love having children in worship and aren’t bothered by their occasional noises, movements, or comments. We also provide nursery care and other ministries to families.

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